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Well-designed sustainability

Why choose Sercom?
Sercom believes in sustainable solutions for the horticultural industry. That applies also to the automation of irrigation units and climate control in greenhouses, bulb sheds and storage cells. We design and build clever electronics and computers for process automation. Our range on offer extends from simple voltage detectors to advanced process computers. Sercom process computers are reliable and sound. One unique aspect is the protection against lightning strike that we build into our equipment.

Long lifespan
Sercom puts sustainability into practice. Our products are characterised by a long lifespan. It is not unusual for a Sercom process computer to still be working after 25 years.

Our innovative software is developed on an uniform platform. Each customer of Sercom can thus profit from new updates, independent of the type of format of installation in the company.

Tailored design
Sercom is an international leader in cleverly designed regulation systems for irrigation. After the irrigation is optimized, further automation of the commercial processes often follows. Here, too, Sercom can provide the best solutions. Around the world, from the tropics to the polar circle, we have satisfied users, our ambassadors.

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